Saying Hi! Hoping all is well

Cant wait to see more!

Heya t0neg0d,

Been having fun the past couple o’ months doin’ a few videos on using your gui lib in 3.1. It’s over in documentation.

I was stoked when they found the bit of Netbeans code that worked on hyperlinks in documentation for getting DarkMonkey all good for absorbing into the JME Dev environment.

other than that, not really much to show on my end. Definitely having fun, though.

Game On

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I am a bit late to the party (I am on my military service vacation)
Welcome back @t0neg0d ! :grinning:
I am working on my MMO game with a game story full of Dark magics and ghosts. It’s name is The Chosun Dynasty : The Night Whatchmen .
I’m designing it based on Entity Component System model using Paul’s Zay-ES library. And the networking part have done with Paul’s SimEthereal library.
I have done main core systems previously (Physics, AI Steering, Inventory, D&D Editor (not complete), …)
In my recent progress I have done some designs on paper around these systems :

  • Combat System (Took some ideas from Assassin’s Creed combat system )
  • Health System
  • Loot System
  • Farming and Animal husbandry System
  • Food Shopping (Inn) System
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