Native bullet binaries corrupted?

I think the native bullet binaries are corrupted (at least for Windows 64-bit) on version 3.1 beta 1. Sometimes when running my game I would get random JVM crashes with error code 255 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION). All my problems we’re fixed when I recompiled the binaries.

One thing I noted: the binary stored in the jar seems big in size (about 4.8 mb). The binary I compiled as a size of 1.7 mb.

Another thing: I was unable to build the binaries using the current I had to revert to an older version (before the modification that allowed cross compilation from linux to windows).

Sounds like you didn’t use gradlew then. That uses the appropriate version of gradle to build the natives (as I understand it).

Well that sucks. I haven’t actually tested the cross-compiled natives on Windows but still its sad that GCC can’t produce proper binaries.

I’m not sure that’s the issue. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough, but when I say I’m talking about the gradle build file inside the jme-native-bullet project, not the one from the root project. When trying to build the binaries with the current one it complains that it can’t find the C++ compiler ‘x86_64-w64-mingw32-g++’ in my system path. With the older version of the gradle build it was able to build the binaries using Visual Studio as its compiler.

Yes, you have to use gradlew from the root in order to pick up the proper gradle version or you will get errors.

But you should not get a corrupt binary, in fact it should not even start as the native part was redesigned and the buildfile is invalid for current versions.