Native bullet on iOS

Hi all,

I’ve read this thread [SOLVED] Does Bullet Physics Lib Work on IOS - #12 by GTWhite and as I would like to try to port my current project to iOS I’m interested on getting native bullet working on it. Does anyone know more details on how to get it working? The thread doesn’t say much and it was not documented in the wiki also.


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jme3-jbullet is pure Java, so it should work on IOS without modification. To make jme3-bullet or Minie work on iOS, the C++ libraries (that is, jme3-bullet-native or Libbulletjme) would have to be recompiled.

Yes, I know jbullet will work out of the box but in android native bullet performs a little better and I’m supposing in ios will happen the same.

So, that was my question, how to compile bullet and jme3-bullet-native for ios?

Also, really? minie should work on ios “just” by compilinkg libbulletjme? I thought it was desktop only as stated in this post The Minie physics library - #6 by sgold and this one that you’re saying there’s no support for any arm platform The Minie physics library - #121 by sgold

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I added Minie support for Linux/aarch64 on 11 February. However,

  • the addition hasn’t appeared in any releases yet and
  • it requires a fix to JMonkeyEngine issue 1286 that isn’t in any releases yet.
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Thanks @sgold I’ll give it a try then in next release or try to get the time to compile it all myself :wink:

How about android? Is it supported already or will it be in the short term? I would prefer to use the same physic library in all destination platforms

Perhaps I could figure out how to build MInie for Android. Testing it would be the hangup.

Thanks but I’m not in a hurry with this (still :stuck_out_tongue: ), so if it’s not in your roadmap for minie right now don’t waste time with that

It’s on the roadmap.

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I did it last year and I did have to make some minor changes to be able to use on iOS. You have to include the C code in your XCode project to compile it in

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