Navmesh with Blender

Well, there him was talking about generating a simple mesh in runtime, not modifying it dynamically. Modifying it on a runtime-friendly way isn’t the same than recreating it on runtime (the first requires optimizations based on the already made navmesh and modifying it analyzing only the specific changed zone so it is much faster than recreating the full scene, or at least is what I think I know xD)

I’ve seen forum topics about separating the recast mesh into tiles.
So you only need to recreate a tile if something in the tile has changed.

But this is with recast xD, what isn’t on jme yet, we come back again to my question, is the recast library planed to be added on any fashion java way or jNavigation (which is currently stopped) is the only project?

There was a google summer of code project for adding it.
Don’t know if it ever got finished - @coredevs might know…

Some found info about it:

(This is why I think is stopped)

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