Need help with Grass utility

When I import the tree in jme which I made in TreeEdtior it says : error opening .j3o.
I put all textures in Texture folder.
Also when I try to link it to my scene it gives Error:

You also have to put the arboreal-assets.jar file in your project libraries.

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Oh… it is fantastic . thanks Paul .
It also imported wind animation. can you explain about how does this animation work?
because I do not see any bone in tree.
I am sorry if my question seams stupid . (I am a novice).

Edit: Is it vertex animation ?

Hi Ali!

I’m pretty sure, that there are no bones needed. I think he did it with shaders. I just downloaded the source, but when you look into “assets/MatDefs”, there are a lot of *.vert and *.frag files. I think the reason for using shaders instead of bones is the much higher performance.

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I have another question…
Can I replace leaves texture with my own texture in SimArboreal-Editor for windows version ? If Yes can you say how?

Take a look at “SimArboreal-master\assets\Textures”. In this folder you should see an file called “leaf-atlas.png”. I would swear that this is the location you may change the the leaf-texture. But keep in mind, I’m no expert in this, I just looked around in the source code.

EDIT: Forget it! Sorry, I wasn’t in the SimAboreal-Editor-file anymore. But I’ll take a look at it and give feedback, if I will be able to :wink:

EDIT 2: As far as I undestand at this moment, SimAboreal-Editor is using the “SimAboreal”-Library, which contains the above mentioned atlas-file. I’m currently not at home, so I can’t “install” both of them… maybe this evening. I think the editor uses the file from the library. If so, you could replace it with an alternative texture and check out how it works.

EDIT 3: Read the next posting! Paul should be the best person to answer this question :wink:

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There is no official way to replace the leaves in the editor… but you can provide your own atlas texture to the material or I believe you can include your own (with the same name) in your own assets directory and it will override the one from the jar.

You might take a look at this thread for grass. There even is a plugin.

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Thanks @mathiasj.
I have a request from dear core developers of JME.
Please document such cool things like GrassBanana and and IsoSurface and so many others in Wiki.
So it will make it easier for beginners to learn them and save a lot of time. Thanks

Just in case you get stuck with GrassyBanana, here a link with a working example at the end of the page: Thread
You just need to create a terrain with the build-in terrain-creator and link to it within the script.

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Thanks dear @Tankwart . You helped me a lot.

To be honest. I wouldn’t be able to help you in this thread, without getting the informations from
stomrage (the author of the plugin). So maybe you should thank him more than me :wink:

Yes of course . Thanks a lot dear @stomrage .

Is it possible to add wind to grass in GrassyBanana ?

Sure it’s possible, but as far as I know, it is not implemented in this plugin. That means, that you could e.g. create your own shader, which is handling the wind-stuff.

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You are right! I have docked everyone’s pay and they will no longer be getting any bonuses this year. Should I fire them, too? Would send the fear into the others. :wink:

But seriously, that’s not how open source works. Anyone can write documentation for this stuff… but especially the authors should. Personally, for IsoSurface I will not be documenting it on the JME wiki but on my own project’s wiki. I just haven’t had the time.

You understand we all do this for free in our spare time, right?

So roll up your sleeves and start adding the documentation that you think should be there. Or I will dock your pay also. :wink:

My pay has been docked so often lately…

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Don’t worry, I will support you with all the pay I have left :slight_smile:

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I am working on a indie game project . If it makes a success and hit the jackpot and I gain a good profit I will support the JME project financially . :grinning:

Better to support it with your time.

Dollars don’t really do any work for the project, unfortunately. So throwing money at it will not get better documentation because for some reason money isn’t able to type yet. :slight_smile:

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