Need help with netbeans config

I’m an “Eclipser”, but decided it was probably less work to learn just enough NetBeans to get going than to setup JME3 in Eclipse (correct me if I’m wrong). So far I found how to change the keymaping to Eclipse standard. Some things I’m still missing are the following:

  1. Tooltip telling me what is the class/method (including parameters) that I have selected and I’m hovering over with the mouse.

  2. How to link the project window with the editor so that the file I’m editing gets selected in the project and navigator windows.
  1. Ctrl-Space
  2. I don’t understand, thats the default behavior:

    As soon as you click into the opened file that file is shown in the Navigator, when you select a file in the projects view that one is shown.
  1. Having to ask explicitly for the tooltip in the Editor Tab is a bit strange for me. I would have expected it to come automatically, like it does when hovering in the Navigator. But I guess if all IDE where exactly the same, there would be no point in having more than one …

  2. Sorry, I was slightly confused. The Navigator Window is linked to both the Project Tree and the Editor Tabs. But the Project Tree that isn’t linked to the Editor Tabs. That is somewhat confusing. That can be turned on (that is, all 3 windows are linked) and off in Eclipse, but I usually have it on.