NetBeans or Eclipse?

HELLOOO MY FRIENDS…  :D  :D  :smiley:

I just want to know, from yours opinion, whic is the best jme development IDE… NetBeans or Eclipse??

Everyone that I talk, or that i see replying topics, uses Eclipse?? Why???

I have using NetBeans from a time ago, but now, I don't know more which is the best?? or which is lighter???

Please, I just want to know your opinion, and if you have a good reason for using NetBeans or Eclipse, post it here…

Then I will think if i'll change my IDE, huahuauhahuahua  :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks a Lot, everyone!!!  XD  :wink:

Guilherme    8)

The IDE debate/war continues…I think generally why many people prefer Eclipse (myself included) is because of the plugin support.  Not only is it relatively easy to write plugins, but there's thousands of them that have been written.  That's hard to compete with.  I've done some with NetBeans and though it has some really nice features I much prefer Eclipse.

I think you'll find a few people in the "IDEA Crack-Monkey" category around here.  Try not to hold it against them, the propaganda is strong.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Emacs or Vi?

Everyone has their preference… just try 'em both and see what you like. I use Eclipse because I like the incremental compiler. But there's a fair amount of people here using Netbeans, jIDEA and for unknown reasons jCreator too.

Myself, I didn't use netbeans for a long time (like a week  :)) , and that was when I just started learning java. Then I switched to jCreator. Funny how stupid I was a year ago… Some time ago i started using eclipse, and i like it a lot. More than netbeans. I like specifically the side window things with the heirarchies (dunno if netbeans has this, if yes, like what) and how easy it was to get jme running using cvs. From what i did see of netbeans, its good, and i think that maybe (if you arent lazy) eclipse is better, but if you are lazy, then i wouldnt make the switch. :slight_smile: Judge for yourself.

The Gibi said:

(if you arent lazy) eclipse is better

That's exactly why I am using an IDE in the first place: because I am lazy. Too lazy to search and install lots of plugins to make the IDE do what I want it to. Netbeans has most of the functionality the acclaimed Eclipse plugins provide included out of the box (refactoring, cvs including on-board ssh, instant javadoc popups, and last not least the (in)famous visual swing gui editor, UML visual design and reverse engineering and fully integrated svn coming soon, and c++, J2EE, J2ME support downloadable as plugins with a single mouse click), that's why I prefer nb.
I have to say, however, that the last time I gave Eclipse a try is quite some time ago. Back then, it annoyed me that almost no functionality came with the IDE out of the box, but you had to (externally) download and (manually) install lots of plugins to get to the real fun. If that has since changed, and if I missed anything in Netbeans (which I don't), I might give Eclipse another try. It's certainly convenient that pretty much everybody out there uses Eclipse, so for anything you want to do, or you want fixed or added, there's almost certainly advice, or a helping hand to be found out there.

IntelliJ IDEA or IntelliJ IDEA? I vote for IntelliJ IDEA…

IntelliJ is probably the best IDE, however much like Netbeans is has its "swing-issues".

Eclipse performs much better and has some really great features, however its not as advanced as IntelliJ or latest NB milestone, IMO

i currently use eclipse.the moment eclipse won't provide anymore the functionality i need, i'll switch to anyother IDE. if you work for a while whit a certain IDE you just get used to it and "know how to make things work". i suppose every IDE has ist pluses and minuses, so i'd suggest you try them out and find what's best for yourself. the only thing to keep in mind is that the purpose of an IDE is to speed up the development process(but don't expect that to happen if you don't know how to use it). if it doesn't do that, it's not for you.

Matzon said:

really? what are those? Never noticed problems with gui being slow or something.


irrisor said:

Matzon said:

really? what are those? Never noticed problems with gui being slow or something.

well, the most annoying to me, is that everything just lags a ms or two. Then there is the grey rect issue inherent in any swing application - should be fixed in 1.6.
Maximize your IntelliJ, and another app - now alt-tab between them. Notice how IntelliJ is grey for 5 ms or so. This effect is apparent _many_ places throughout.
It never happens in eclipse - on the same specced machine.
I have a lot of small issues that crop up when I use IntelliJ, which doesn't happen in eclipse - and all those combined, makes me choose eclipse over IntelliJ, despite both being available to me for free.

If they'd just port their intellisense thing to eclipse I'd be happy :)
Matzon said:
Notice how IntelliJ is grey for 5 ms or so.

XD ok, I never worried about that. It does not hinder my workflow. And even if it would, it still saves a lot more time (for me) that this could cost. You are the first one I heard of that really knows IDEA, could use it and does not :-o (or don't you really know it }:-@). Nah, nvm...

I have the same Swing allergy as Matzon. You're right it doesn't really hinder your workflow, but it hinders me in general. Maybe with Java 6 I'll give IDEA another try.

just a big alert. i'm gonna take a big in-between projects opportunity and move over to eclipse(try to, that is). since everyone else in our company uses it, it's better…i'll report back to you if i'm successfull or not :wink: (just the old notepad look of eclipse makes me shiver)

hehe, I tried that several times, but after some weeks of missing all those little features I always went back to IDEA :stuck_out_tongue:

@mr coder: i admire your willpower :slight_smile: i see you are talking about IDEA like about your most precious treasure and you're still willing to give eclipse a try. a real teamplayer :wink:

the last time i used netbeans around 2 years ago because i had to do some mobile stuff for a job and you could download this nice mobility pack with everything ready to go. i didn't really like it, but i cannot remember something that especially put me off. i just feel more at home with eclipse. it's just a matter of taste, really.

NetBeans kicks Eclipse's ass easily when it comes to working with J2ME. For J2SE projects, I have noticed few differences in features between the two IDE's. Eclipse might (and I say this with a great deal of scepticism) have a slightly faster GUI, but it's not a big enough difference to be particularly noticeable. I personally use NetBeans because it allows me to use the same IDE for J2SE and J2ME.

I have little complaints about EclipseME these days… is Netbeans really that much better for j2me?

All I know is using netbeans still gives me nightmares about Sun Mobility Studio, the predecesor of Netbeans + Mobility pack.

The main difference is that it is a lot easier to get a J2ME project up and running. You simply create a project with the wizard and it creates an easily modifiable Ant-script and all other necessary things by itself. If you develop regular GUI-applications, there's also a pretty decent graphical GUI-editor. Apart from that, NetBeans has ProGuard installed out of the box and to obfuscate your J2ME package you only need to move a slider from left to right to determine how much should be obfuscated. In general, the Netbeans as an IDE requires much less maintenance for developing J2ME than Eclipse does.