New Box Question from a newbie

Ok, maybe I am stupid, BUT, when you create a new box(vector3f.ZERO, 1,1,1), the tutorial says you are creating a 1x1x1 box. But a 1 WHAT??? 1 pixel, 1 inch , what are the increments.

a) it’s actually a 2x2x2 box since those are half-extents.
b) it’s in “units”, ie: there are no units other than what you want them to be. Usually considered meters… but could be whatever you want.

Pixels doesn’t make sense since it would depend on how close or far the box is from the screen, right?

They are 1 OpenGL Unit, which is really what ever you want it to be. We like to think of it in meters though

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Wow, thanks for the quick responses. For a 2D guy, that is an odd way to think about the size of an object. That will take some getting used to…

Yeah, in a 3d world pixels is essentially meaningless (except maybe when writing shaders/filters/etc).

This stuff should be covered in the first tutorials, especially the scene graph one.