New good features (not topic really)

hey, it is fine new especialities of updated jengine. Some modules never used that’s why good to download only chosen modules. Thx for sharing. Although sometimes you have a choice what to use java or jmengine for developing… As for me (not pro developer) Pure java has some advantages but jmengine more fun. If anyone has some opinion about it add pl in advance smt.

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Hey @cybersergey

To be honest not sure what you are getting at exactly … are you considering useing jMonkey vs. raw java?

I’m working through a book right now just making some games with Java and it’s great to learn, I’ve also been messing around with jMonkey and I will definitely be using jMonkey as it does a lot of things for you it seems like and just has a lot more to mess with like the scene composer and libraries that people have made and things like that. I like the community as well where it seems like one of the rare places that still exist that are driven by passion and not greed. It’s very refreshing.

Not sure if that’s even what you were talking about at all so sorry if I missed the point. Hope you have fun with whatever you are working on :face_holding_back_tears:

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In the end it depends on what you want to accomplish.

If you want to write a game then you will find the libraries necessary to get you closer to that goal. (Like JME and associated libraries, lemur, zay-es. minie, etc.)

If you want to spend a couple years learning to write a game engine then you will start with plain Java.

Some folks think they want the first goal but are actually pursuing the second goal. You just need to be aware of what your actual goals are.

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