New project. 3.0 or 3.1?

I’m about to start working on creating the graphics for my computer game and I was wondering…
Should I use 3.0 or should I just jump to 3.1 and use it, even though it is still in beta?

I’ve been using 3.1 and the beta sdk. Overall there are very few problems most of which are minor. I’d go with the latest so you have less compatibility problems in the futures.


3.1 for sure !!! It feels like 3.0 just even better xD
But there are some annoying bugs in the new SDK for example that when you create a new file a library list is opened … it is beta, it has some small bugs maybe but not really bad ones, but also you can be sure that they are going to be fixed in the next release.

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What is exactly better in 3.1? All I’ve noticed is that two additional .jar files are needed to run the app and that parenting animated meshes to other animated meshes throws an exception.

Well, for you it might seem like nothing has changed, but there are many bugfixex in 3.1 gathered over all the time. Then there are some bugfixes and new functions for the SDK as well. The performance was increased, the render engine optimized, … stuff like that even.

Click on that link, scroll a little down and you will see what has been changed/added/fixed over time:

But feel free to use what you want. I mean, you still can use 3.0 and if you come across a weird bug or issue try to port your project to 3.1 (what is really easy by the way) and see if the problem still occurs.


Fair enough.

No need for that at the moment, 3.1 is working quite well. :chimpanzee_closedgrin:

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This was ultimately going to cause you odd issues later, anyway. Even on 3.0 it’s unexpected and could break in some edge cases… better to just not do it. Consider it a long-standing limitation of JME’s animation system.

When you encounter an issue on 3.1, you have a chance that the issue get actually fixed.
Nobody touched the 3.0 code since January 2015.