Hey Monkeys!

  My name is Tyler Moyer aka BaByT. I have a lot of hobbies, such as:

  1. Game Design & Development
  2. Boxing
  3. Kickboxing & Grappling (MMA (Mixed Martial Arts))
  4. Writing & Recording my own rap songs

      I am here to start developing games in java. I have helped other indie developers do small, but fun, games since I was 13 years old in C++ & VB6, I also did some web design in my time (Now 17 years old, turning 18 in 3 months. Although I never did my own project, I thought why not java and why not develop my own designed games. I have a lot of design documents for a lot of FPS games I dreamed of developing. Yes, it's my dream to develop my own game, but you will not see me doing one of them for a while as I am just learning java and want to learn by creating small games, such as, pong, snake, pac-man, etc. All those classic ATARI games.

      Well, I believe I am done explaining myself and introducing myself to you Monkeys, so I'll post this and get started on my Java book. Which is, Thinking In Java, 3rd Edition.

    Thanks for your time!



Welcome to the site Tyler, I hope you'll find everything you need here :slight_smile: If you could be interested in the occasional web task please do let me know, as I have a lot of those ^^ Though you'd probably need a fair share of experience with such websoft as SMF and Wordpress.

A webstart or applet of a bunch of old Atari games in one place sounds fun… don't forget Atari boxing and hockey though!!  :stuck_out_tongue:

sbook said:

A webstart or applet of a bunch of old Atari games in one place sounds fun... don't forget Atari boxing and hockey though!!  :P

Or Pitfall.

Welcome to the community Tyler! Before really diving into jmonkey, you do know have to be a pretty decent programmer first. But you seem to have initiative, and Eckel's thinking in java is a pretty good book. Good luck!

Thanks to you all!

Also, don't worry, I won't forget any of the major fun artri games. Although, almost all are majorly fun. XD