[newbie question]outside asset folder


Don’t leave textures or models in a folder outside your JME project: The game cannot load or reference them from there.

Don’t put assets in an external folder. Is that right? However, I succeeded in reading town.zip from external folder.
this tutorial worked fine with external town.zip.

I just put town.zip in an external folder and changed the code like this.
assetManager.registerLocator ("…/externalAssetTest/town.zip", ZipLocator.class);

What problems do I encounter when using assets from external folders?

i think it is about build process, where loading assets that will not be inside build, will cause issue in builded(not development) version of game. Thats why there is word “dont leave” not “dont use”

myself i use 2 projects, one for assets(ant in SDK) and one for code(gradle build)
and load assets from first project. But it might cause issue if i would not write “If(production) build assets project and use its jar.”

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Thank you for your reply.
I get it.
SDK does not automatically bundle external folder assets.
SDK automatically bundle internal folder assets.
If you use external folders, you need to manage external folders without relying on the SDK.

The bundled assets you’re referring to are loaded at runtime via the classpath. JME also has mechanisms for loading assets at runtime from the filesystem, from an archive, or via HTTP.