[News] Soniss Release 16GB of Sound FX For Free



http://www.gamefromscratch.com/post/2016/03/14/Soniss-Release-16GB-of-Sound-FX-For-Free.aspx :

In celebration of the Game Developer Conference that begins today,
Soniss have released a collection of 16GB+ of sound effects. The sound
fx are released under a very liberal license that grants you usage rights for free and commercial use in an unlimited number of projects. Taking a look at the track list the collection contains 638 effects of an eclectic mix from vehicles and guns to ambient sounds from various regions.

Main Product Page for download [bundle – Part 2 ] : http://www.sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc2016/

And this is the torrent address for bundle – Part 1 –(released last year) : sonniss.com/GameAudioGDCPart1.torrent


Looks like my birthday gift came earlier! Thanks @Ali_RS for sharing!


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And the torrent for pt1 is still active too…


WoW! Yes it is available. Thanks @Ogli
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