Nightly Builds?

I am sure I have asked this somewhere in the past couple years. But a lot has changed recently in the jme ci setup, and I cannot find my last post on it, so I will ask again.

Is it possible to get jme nightly builds from master? Or do these exist these days? I was thinking perhaps since the ci pipeline runs on master for every commit/merge into it on github it might be easy to have it upload the artifacts somewhere.


Like Jitpack?

I see the beta for 3.3.0 there, but I am not finding a snapshot/nightly release from master. Or perhaps I am not looking in the right spot?

See tab “Commits”.

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Oh, I totally did not understand what was in the commits tab and completely missed it, thank you!

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Note, next to it there is a little drop-down button, make sure to first select the branch you want from there then click on the green button named “Get it”.

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Thank you!
another thing to note is it has a different group id.
com.github.jMonkeyEngine.jmonkeyengine vs org.jmonkeyengine

Yes, because they aren’t official releases… they are possible-broken-snapshots generated by an external party.

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