No jme3-core after 3.1 instalation

I was wondering if it was normal to have no more jm3 library in the new release 3.1.

I’m almost sure I already had this issue with the version 3.0 in the past during the alpha. But now I don’t remember how i did to correct the issue :frowning:.

So i was wondering if anyone had an idea what could be the problem here! :smile:

In 3.1 some libraries have been renamed/reorganized. Check out your imported jars.

Yea i did but i think they are just all missing, the whole jme3 library are not there at all. I can't even do a simple application.

They are separated and have different names now. jme3-core, jme3-effects etc etc

Generally I’d suggest just making a new project and copying the sources there though. Theres some other things that can go wrong (e.g. if you had desktop deployment enabled in the old project).

Thank you it did work, and as you said the desktop deployment crashed

What do you mean by “the desktop deployment crashed”?

Windows EXE Creation
C:\Users\Julien\Documents\Projets\Lost_World\nbproject\launch4j-impl.xml:6: taskdef class net.sf.launch4j.ant.Launch4jTask cannot be found
using the classloader AntClassLoader[]
BUILD FAILED (total time: 28 seconds)

then this is the code part crashing

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--launch4j-impl.xml v1.4-->
<project name="launch4j-impl" basedir="..">
    <target name="-launch4j-exe" depends="-test-launch4j-exe-enabled" if="is.launch4j.exe.enabled">
        <echo>Windows EXE Creation</echo>
        <taskdef classname="net.sf.launch4j.ant.Launch4jTask" classpath="${libs.launch4j.classpath}" name="launch4j"/>
        <copy file="resources/launch4j/winapp-config.xml" tofile="launch4j-config.xml" overwrite="true">
                <replacestring from="$${dist.dir}" to="${dist.dir}"/>
                <replacestring from="$${dist.jar}" to="${dist.jar}"/>
                <replacestring from="$${main.class}" to="${main.class}"/>
                <replacestring from="$${run.jvmargs}" to="${run.jvmargs}"/>
                <replacestring from="$${application.title}" to="${application.title}"/>
        <launch4j configFile="launch4j-config.xml"/>
        <delete file="launch4j-config.xml"/>
        <zip destfile="${dist.dir}/${application.title}">
            <zipfileset file="${dist.dir}/${application.title}.exe" prefix=""/>
            <zipfileset dir="${dist.dir}/lib" prefix="lib/"/>
        <delete file="${dist.dir}/${application.title}.exe"/>
    <target name="-test-launch4j-exe-enabled">
        <condition property="is.launch4j.exe.enabled">
            <istrue value="${launch4j.exe.enabled}"/>

Yeah thats an old 3.0 desktop deployment target in a 3.1 SDK. As said, make a new project and copy the src folder (or disable the desktop deployment in the old SDK).