Node names from OBJ


Is there a way to get node/shape names from a obj?

I guess you want to know
if you click on such a sphere or a box?


I have a car model and i have to get the car body and the car wheels.

I want to get the wheels by wheel mesh name.

for(int i = 0 i;i <Wheelsnode.getChildren().size();i++)

Wheelsnode.getChild(i).getName()  ;


No man,

When a Import a model from OBJ, the names are gone!!!

I have not imported from obj but it was md5 names you add when you create the model setname ( "") to read getname ()


I think he means that he has set names to individual mesh elements in his modelling tool and these names are not imported into jME.

I cannot comment unfortunately on the issue itself… Perhaps someone more familiar with the importer…

Can you provide a sample obj file that is not working for you?