Non-Linear Texture Mapping onto a Sphere

I need to map a texture on to a sphere in a non-linear fashion [stretch it over here, pinch it over there]. I’m new to jME, so yes, I could be missing the obvious solution.

Before I dive into a custom mesh solution [out of ignorance, the only solution I see], does anyone have a lazier way to accomplish this? Is there some way to apply non-linear texture coordinates to a shape.Sphere .

Can anybody point me to an example that illustrates a potentially simpler solution?

Any advice will elevate you to god-like status in my eyes. Thanks.

If by that you mean taking a square texture and apply it on a sphere without any distortion, there’s a plugin in jMP that I made.

Check that thread and see if that’s what you’re looking for.

Sphere Texturing

Madjack, thanks for the reply. I’m still studying the original thread, your implementation, and Paul Bourke’s original paper, and although they’re not exactly what I’m trying to accomplish, these solutions seem sufficiently simple to convince me to follow your lead… I think I can procedurally “counter-distort” the texture, then map it, in standard fashion, to a standard shape.Sphere. That solution now seems simpler than my original plan to modify the application of the texture via procedural texture coordinates.

For pointing me in the right direction, you’ re a god to me! Thanks again.

Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

I hope you know that godliness comes with its privileges. I’ll put that on your tab. :wink: