Noob question: transparency


At the outset, let me state that I've only been working with jME for about three or four days and have probably made all sorts of boneheaded beginner errors, as a result, so please turn your tolerance up to 11.

I'm having trouble with transparency of objects and occlusion.  As I rotate my scene, things pop in and out.

I know about

Spatial.setRenderQueueMode( Renderer.QUEUE_TRANSPARENT );

and am setting it for all translucent objects in the scene.

Is there something more I should be doing?  Do I need to implement a BSP tree and sort the polygons explicitly, for instance?  As a test, I tried making each triangle a separate TriMesh object but more or less as I expected, since there are hundreds of thousands of triangles in the datasets, the overhead in creating the mesh and the amount of time to render is completely unacceptable (taking several seconds to render a single frame).

Have I missed something in the documentation? (Most likely).

You will also need a BlendState to enable transparency.

jme has a Test for pretty much every feature in its jmetest package, see:

As I rotate my scene, things pop in and out.

its a guess, but this sounds like your objects are missing BoundngBoxes and are accidently culled.

Found it.  I'd set the BlendState but forgot to set ZBufferState.

Toldja I was a noob.