Noob questions

I'm quite new to the whole 3D software development, but not new to Java programming.

So heres the question:

I made a 3D Model with blender. Its a animated ginger bread man. I'm successfully loaded him into the engine and I can see him. Now I want to animate him. the point is that I animated him in blender and I want to use that animation. Unfortunately I cant work out how this works. I want to programme some kind of that way:

load(object);//thats done

animate(object);//here is the problem

I hope I could clearfie what I mean. Thx

Currently MD5 would probably be your best bet for animated models, check the Wiki and these forums for MD5 examples.  :slight_smile:

Here’s the link:

There are a couple of MD5 readers out there that people are working on, however the one I use is the kproject md5loader (a bit outdated, but seems to work well), Option 1 in the wiki.

thanks a lot for the quick answers, I think the MD5 method sounds well. Can I maybe have some code for the animation?


I got the MD5 reader loaded and working. Unfortunally Im still busy trying to load a modell and animating it…heres my code:

MD5Mesh md5Mesh = new MD5Mesh();
       MD5Skeleton md5skeleton;// = new MD5Skeleton();
       MD5Animation md5Animation = new MD5Animation();
       MD5AnimationReader md5AnimationReader = new MD5AnimationReader();
       MD5Reader md5Reader = new MD5Reader();
       MD5Model modell = new MD5Model();
       //InputStream AnimInput = getClass().getResourceAsStream("aaa.md5anim");
       //InputStream MeshInput = getClass().getResourceAsStream("aaa.md5mesh");
       md5skeleton = new MD5Skeleton();

the problem is that I dont know how to link the things together in the way that I can attach them to the root node. Maybe some1 could give me a hint where the problem is.