Normal Map Causes glitch

When adding a normal map to a brick room test that I made, illuminated with a point light, it works ok on some walls, but when aiming my camera a particular way, I can see the wall quickly flash black, and it stays like that as long as my camera angle is in that direction. So basically, when viewing with my first person camera, more often than not, walls will turn black when I look at it a certain direction.

99.99999% of the time this means that your mesh doesn’t have tangents. Tangents are required for normal and parallax maps.

Thanks! That seemed to work. Now the problem is that I want the room to be dark, and the only way to do that is by turning on shadows so the sunlight doesnt illuminate the parts inside the building. I put a single point light in the room, and it only shows up if I angle my camera at one certain angle above the horizon.