Normal mapped objects appear black with directional light

If I take off the normal map, the object will render, otherwise it is invisible.(Only when using Directional light)
Any ideas on why?
Above is what it should look like

Does your object have tangents or did you generate tangents?

Did you do the JME tutorials? It’s like one by one you are asking every newb question in order… and I feel like a lot of this is covered by the tutorials.

I dont thinks so

you would need prepare testcase for us. thanks. also like told above, try generate tangents

Normal maps won’t work without tangents. That’s just the long and the short of it.

Really surprised if this isn’t covered in the tutorials.

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That’s what i found, but it dosent say anything about tangents.

It kinda does…

The wiki is essential reading. I know it’s a ton of material to digest and it takes time away from what you want to do but in the long run you will be better off for doing so.

I use it every day myself. I still miss a lot because there is so much to learn.

It’s easier to just bookmark the main wiki page until a navigation menu is added.

sorry, i have the PDF on my computer and it isn’t organised as well, I get the main pieces of information out of it, but sometimes I end up missing something.
Thank you for your time, I’ll try to read the wiki better next time.