..normalmap tool

…hi guys…i was wondering, what tools do you use for bump/normalmap/specularmap , in case that you do not use Zbrush/Mudbox ?? Which one works best for you??

I use gimp with normal map plugin

NeoTextureEdit is an open source tool use LWJGL.
you can add diffuse map and create normal and height from it.
you can add noise or dirt to texture and so many things …

Blender can generate normal maps from hi poly meshes.
Substance suite has wonderful tools to do it (designer or painter)
There is an Nvidia plugin to generate normal maps from a color map for Photoshop
We have a plugin in the SDK that uses NeoTextureEdit.

NeoTexture is actually available as a plugin for the SDK, the image editor of the SDK also has a tool to make normal maps from images.