(November 2015) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

at least here in Germany it is already november :slight_smile:
I’ve been working on some particle emitters even though I know that I have more important things to do… But sometimes the urge to work on a game is just too strong


…here is unfinished game menu…actually this is done earlier and this morning i just fixed small bug in character customizing and credits list scrolling (added image/animated image)…ill add few more things later…i hope you like it…


Looks nice.

Particles effects really need a video. :slight_smile: But the still looks cool.

…lol…i thought nobody will notice that fog actually moves…sharp eye… :slight_smile:

No good eyes in this case… I was asking for video about the first post with the fire. :smile:

Though if that fog is also animated it would be cool to see.

I just want to said that stars and font should be animated to :slight_smile:

I would like that twice if I could! :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:
About the graphics resolution: How to actually change it? Restarts the game?

@Ogli, to change resolution, you have to :

  • copy settings,
  • change settings,
  • apply new settings + app.restart()
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Wow that is ideed a nice menu! What library did you use?


I can’t speak for him of course, but I can see that with the right art, any of the current APIs could have done that menu. Lemur certainly could have.

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…hi mathiasj…thanks for kind comments…i dont use any particular library…i wrote my own gui lib from scratch (just like everything else game uses)…

Here is video of lens flare from yesterday, but with better flare textures…

Lens flare


Ok thank you for the info :+1:

Alright nice to know. I always have my problems with creating GUI art. But it is nice that there are a lot of different libraries in JME because I do not think that I want to use nifty again for my next project… We’ll see

…hi Ogli…initially, it was as David said…then i decided to keep main menu separated from main application, so main application will be started from main menu, once is selected, so, restart because of resolution change doesnt happen as game run directly on what was set before its called, while main menu runs all the time at maximum display size…


Interesting. I’ve more questions, but will ask them in the forum when I’m at this point.
I don’t want to derail another thread again. Seems like I’m an expert at his… :chimpanzee_wink:

That’s a pretty good lens flare. I wonder, how did you check if the sun is visible on screen? I need that to hide some ship icons so they don’t mirror themselves but all the things I’ve tried have come up with weird bugs.

Not sure how he does it but here is how it can be done:

I use that, but it gives negative coordinates while looking away and the icon was displayed twice, once in the actual spot and the other exactly opposite to it. I tried to restrict the coords to positive only and I cant quite remember what happened but i think there were some problems with that (worked on this last time like 3 months ago). Currently I have a fix that checks if the angle between the camera and the object is less than 90 degrees or something(which works about three quaters of the time).

Use a dot product between the camera-relative position of the sun and the camera view direction. If the dot product is negative then the object is behind the camera.

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Well that sure sounds like a good idea. I’ll give it a shot as soon as I have time.

Edit: This started to eat at me, so I made time and tested it out. Works as advertised. Thanks :smiley: