(November 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

I was going to ask how this was going! I love it, one of my top 10 fav games.

Looks pretty sweet. Just a quick note (i only watched about 2 minutes). I get seasick from the camera/cinematic where the camera is circling out in the beginning of the first level you showcase. May just be me - but I’d skip that in a heartbeat if possible. Simplify it - the game will speak for it self - it doesn’t (imho) need the cinematic part :slight_smile:

And I just noticed you use the same technique later on again. :sob: Looks like the view is distorted as well when you do it. Again, I’d skip it if possible.

0.o I had no problems. I know the game had these views at the start of each level, but I can’t remember if it was that distorted

There is some FOV stuff etc we do which is not correct, it may cause the distortion. It does need it, as it was in the original :slight_smile: We just need to perfect it somehow…

You couldn’t by any chance share how you managed that low-resolution (pixelated) look?
It would fit great into the game I’m currently making.

This one?


Just kidding, it’s called downsampling and it’s used to reduce the screen size so you have less pixels to process which makes the filter faster. You could use it on its own too I suppose.

I’ve already made a question thread about it when I ran into problems so I’ll just add a final solution there so I don’t clutter this one and that future people may find it too.

The downSamplingFactor you can set is the number the screen size is divided by on x and y. So setting it to 2 will give you one quarter of the screen, 4 to 1/16 and so on.


I’ve been doing a similar thing, rendering to a smaller separate image then scaling it up to fit the screen. It gives a nice old dos or ps1 look.

That’s a lot better performance wise and you can use other filters at the same low resolution without altering them which you can’t do here, except in additional passes…

I imagine it’d be a lot harder to switch back if you ever changed your mind though and the downscale filter should also have a supersampling effect.

Thanks a million!

So I added @Apollo’s bloom filter:

Here’s a short video (shadows still in disrepair, sorry):

It looks really good in Everspace so I naturally had to make the icons into holograms:

Only relevant line of frag shader code:

color*= step(0.03,mod(texCoord1.y+g_Time,0.06));

That looks so much better than the stock one. Great job!


The holograms look cool too! :blush:

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Don’t forget to mention the lens flair too!

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Hey, Valve finally approved the Coming Soon page :smiley:


Wow, that looks fantastic!
Meanwhile in the required specs section:

Sound card: yes


Sound card: very much yes

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Since @MoffKalast is doing amazing work on Lightspeed Frontier these days, I decided it’s about time I finish the mobile app. It has still one mayor thing unfinished and that is syncing. There have been like 2 iterations but none of them was how it should be in the end, I seriously gotta start iteration 3. Didn’t feel like doing that today, so I did some QOL fixes:
There is now a cursor that helps you aim for connection nodes:

Options menu styling has been improved (had to make slider style practically out of nothing):

As you can see some text is still overlapping but that is dependent to the screen width and resolution, so I don’t really know what to do about that.

One day… I’ll actually make that sync :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome work, now you just need to update the building system to use the voxel data map and the new MousePicking class. :stuck_out_tongue:

And because we haven’t spammed enough over the past 24 hours (sorry!) give us a retweet if you can so we can start collecting wishlist adds on steam!

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Working on lots of bugs and quality of life fixes this last week, but I dipped my toes into Lemur for the first time to add chat bubbles for NPC’s and players when they chat.


I wish you will introduce automation for mining haha xD (tekkit style)