(November 2017) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

So today new month has started. I wish you good luck at your job and even more when programming in jME.

For a better mood, here is my new colorful title image. :slight_smile:


Nice! It’s interesting to see how your game gets further and further! Keep up the good work :+1:


Golem’s stone fury (aka Earth Magic AoE attack)

Shock AoE:

EDIT: gif

Shock AoE v2, I think it looks more powerful now.


So I’m sort of writing a shield impact shader. I’ve never managed to get the shaderblow one working properly since you needed a very specific mesh coordinate to log a hit (hard to get with splash damage weapons eh?), plus it supports only like 4 hits or something?

This is a detection technique proof of concept of sorts, working with only an array of normalized vectors and logging hits with dot products.

Hopefully I’ll have something like this at the end:

Shouldn’t be that hard I think, looks like lots of noise being shifted around quickly and some randomness.


@Teemo258 gangsta cars, strong look :sunglasses:


Add some simple animation to Battleground. Yeah I know I have an issue with add/remove thrust particle system to/from the model as you maybe can see (that flickering thing some units away from the ship).


The shield shader from shadeblow was ok for me :wink:


For small fighters and only raycast weapons I’m sure it was. I on the other hand sometimes have only a rough direction of damage to work with (flak, random explosions, black hole gravity, etc.) and larger ships that can receive dozens of different damage shots at a time. So it requires a slightly different approach :wink:

I’m probably over complicating things but couldn’t you just have multiple shield shells for that then? 1 per type of effect? Might be too heavy though.

Why though? It should be more economical to just stack them inside the shader.

Ice AoE:

I have no idea if it looks good or not…


To be fair I did say I was over complicating things :stuck_out_tongue:

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@FrozenShade Those outward flying spikes are rad!

Accidentally got something that is quite close to what I’m looking for:

I think the large stripes are somehow generated by float overflows :smile:

Now to make the hit spots less circular…


I’d say the top half (the ice spikes and small pieces of snow flying outwards) look perfect, it looks like an ice explosion coming from him. The ring around him on the ground doesn’t look bad, but I’ve always found the hardest part with Ice Effects is that in real life, the ground beneath the ring of icicles would also be frosty and snowy, which is something I haven’t ever attempted nor do I know how do do since I’m just starting to learn shaders myself. But I think it would look awesome if you could somehow make the ground around him frosty too

‘somehow’ - I like this word :wink:


Skullstone definitely needs someone a bit smarter than me :wink:


Maybe add some white smoke around with a particle emitter.
And maybe a second emitter with “tiny crystals”. something highly reflective, to makes freezing mist effect.

I’ll try that. Thanks.

What a ****** stupid email script…

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New Weapon: The Turbopulse Cannon.


Next attempt: