(October 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Still no WIP thread?
So let’s do this…

Rebuilding BBTAN with more bugged textures.



Some demo
Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

**There is a little typo in video **

I am using blender lattice with softbody to create hair animation as this tutorial shows


I really like the flag in the end of the video!

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I gave up my car game (temporarily) was I was beginning to lose motivation, and decided to work on a tower game instead!

Only spent two days developing this so far, so not much to show apart from the terrain and the towers.

Basically the idea is for a multiplayer game where players control towers, spawn troops, and fight each other.

Terrain is made by L3DT with detail mapping. If anyone wants the code/shaders for it, feel free to ask (I am just exporting the terrain OBJ as the terrain is low poly and does not need LOD control yet), though it is basically just minor modifications to lighting.j3md.

And yes, the idea is that you are looking from the top down with a fixed camera angle.

Edit: am currently setting up the server. I have decided to make everything server-controlled multiplayer this time.

Edit: Troops!


While playing along with the jmonkey java game engine i working on a little billiard Game. Its far away from beeing ready but nice to take a look at so.I am no skilled game developer, its just for fun trying out JME.


I’ve added a tool to Spoxel that lets you quickly change the shape of a block. This way pretty much any block that is added has these shapes by default and you don’t have a ton of blocks cluttering up your bags. Spoxel currently has 3 layers and you can set the shape of any of those layers. Using this you can do things like the support beams in the screenshot below.

This is the beginning of the controls for this tool. The first column sets the layer and the second group lets you set the shape.


Man, one day you need to invite us all over to playtest this :wink:


Mushrooms on the wall - player is able to take and eat them.


This looks very neat. It reminds of Terraria 3d. Will you have mining , bosses and the like in this game ? IMO that was the biggest failure of both Minecraft and Terraria , no direction in the game. It was just a mindless gear grind. Terraria had a few bosses but no story.

Yes, there is mining and a good number of bosses that I have been working on for when I initially release the game. I recently made a change to my custom spell system that lets you teleport items directly into chests. So you can create a beam spell, for example, that digs any blocks it touches and teleports any items it contacts directly into chests.

The story side of Spoxel is still a little WIP at the moment but it will definitely have more direction than something like Terraria has. My development time is pretty limited so I’ve been pretty slow moving. I probably posted this in one of the other threads, but this one of the latest bosses I’ve been working on. I’m still finishing the models for its vines which will try to smash the player during the fight.


By the way, idea of making Minecraft with no direction but with sandbox made it the best-selling PC game.

Don’t get me wrong it was a good game , I own it myself. I got bored with it really fast. Like I said IMO :wink: I prefer story lines , action and puzzle solving but to each his own. I would love to see someone combine a story line with a sandbox game. Everquest tried by didn’t quite hit the mark , pun intended , you nerds may get that one.

Yeah … can’t create a good story in a sandbox environment because People aren’t smart enough to create a smart A.I. (yet). I had some ideas on how to make a “real” A.I. for a medieval RPG that could create a dynamic story based on the needs and history of creatures, groups, countries following a logic-programming paradigm (a fuzzy, dynamic Prolog-like thing). I guess, if I would have followed my 100 design papers for 10 more years, I would end up with 10.000 design papers and a crappy system that effectively only creates quests like “bring that from A to B” or “collect X items of kind Y and bring it to magician Z” or something like that. :wink:

At least if you constrain such an A.I. to a fantasy RPG story-maker setting it might be doable some day. Let’s hope that it doesn’t break out of the Java 15 Sandbox and starts a virtual company called Tenyks or something like that…

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You don’t need a complicated AI to have a good story. Terraria was a great game but it failed to explain how or why you got there. A simple back story such as you crashed landed a rocket while traveling through space or jump through a magical mirror.

I like the sand box idea but I love story driven games. I don’t want to just build structures. I want to know where I am , how I got there , what is my purpose. Those things are all filled in with story. Terraria 2 is supposed to do this but they’ve had massive delays as they work a system that is story driven but does’t kill the sand box element.

You can have a story and a dynamic environment. The game I’m working on does’t have a sandbox theme but it does have a dynamic environment with physics puzzles.

Well. I am developing medieval RPG. But I just decided to mix D&D and nowadays MMO. I got enough roleplay experience to say that when some people got together in right time and place they generate so awesome storylines for themselves that it become mindblowing. I still remember days when when we gathered together with friends. Some of us was a Dungeon Master, and we have played a lot of funny sessions…

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I had a cup of coffee so if I’m chain posting and ranting it’s the caffeine driving me lol.

You brought up an interesting point. Modern games have somewhat killed the social aspect of gaming. They are a paradox. Online gaming is a way to be socially anti-social. With that said it’s very sad LAN gaming has died.

When XBOX first hit the scene I and several friends purchased the machine along with Halo. We set up a round table with 4 TVs all facing away from each other on opposite ends of the table. We would link our Xboxes up and sit in the same room with upwards of 16 people playing blood gulch death matches.

I wish I could revive those days but the phenomena of online gaming has swept the planet. I’m hoping one day we can get back to linking up our console and laptops in the same room and get that “live” social interaction experiece combined with the intensity and funny moments provided by video games.

/end rant /drink more coffee

It is unreal to turn time back :smiley: . But there are lot of servers built-on popular games dedicated to pure roleplay. It is underground so many people never heard about it. And people there not playing just to get best gear but to enjoy atmosphere, create storyline, they can play different families, parties, even kingdoms. They often experiencing deep feelings and it become more than a game. Very often after hot action people become friends IRL, make gatherings IRL too. And very often people become addicted. It is really hard to leave it.

Today I learned that the ogre exporter doesn’t support bendy bones.




what do you mean by bendy bones ? I’ve had a lot of success with ogre and armature animation in the past.

Bendy. Bones. That’s the official name.