(October 2022) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

We’re starting late this month.

I’ve had plenty of progress with a bunch of things but mostly that is covered by the live streams and I haven’t made too many “official” videos on youtube in while.

However, today I took a side track to work on tree extraction. “What the hell is tree extraction?!?!”

Well, in the final version of the game I want players to be able to chop trees down and so on. To do that, I have to be able to extract a “tree” from its in-world blocks and turn it into an object.

The MOSS mworld stuff has tree layers 1024x1024 that have a tile’s worth of trees… position, size, type. This is used for the far terrain stuff and for inserting the block trees into the world when generating chunks.

Today I wrote the prototype code for going in the other direction. Click on a trunk, the code finds the tree instance (position, size, type) and uses that to reverse engineer the blocks that are most likely to be part of that tree.

Rather than mess up my test world while I test, I chose to convert the extracted trees to in-game blueprints instead (and leave the blocks there for now.) The side effect is that I end up with toy trees to play with.

Here is an image with four different toy trees (chairs for scale) along with some full size block trees off on the right and in the background:

Here is a version that shows the toy version vs the real version:

I extracted that tree on the right and then placed it in the world as a blueprint object.

Here are two of the trees in the blueprint editor:

Happy to have one of the big to-do items knocked off… and from here I can play with how the trees behave once handled by the physics engine.


ive added a frog to my scene with the cube : )


My first implementation of a sparse quadtree with the not common feature that each cell holds a link to its neighbors. This will be the base for my pathfinding.
White is the selected cell, Cyan the neighbors. Other cells are painted depending on tree depth from green to red


After last night’s live stream (way way after), I finally uploaded the rigger tool. It’s still rough around the edges but can be used to play around with costume designs.

I have a bunch of Mythruna stuff to get done today as I get closer to a release but I hope to carve a few minutes out to make some proper instructions.

Basics: WASD rotates the platform. QZ zooms in and out. shift+WASD will move the center point. The clothing tab is where the magic happens. Right click places a swatch, left click removes it. You have to “Save workspace” to save clothing. The main “Save” on the left is for the rig.

Yes, it’s confusing… will get fixed in the future.

I released it in case anyone wants to make some Halloween costumes for Mythruna-girl. :slight_smile:


I’ve uploaded a new version of the Rigger tool with some usability improvements.
-added a help screen for key mappings
-renamed the save/load buttons to make them less confusing
-modified so that it autosaves/loads the current clothing when exiting and restarting the app

And I made Fayd a Halloween costume. Obscure reference:

I need proper letters someday. :slight_smile: Picking swatch shapes to add for the real clothing will be a fun challenge. I wished for a few more shapes when making this.

Edit: I also posted a quick tutorial of using the tool:


love it

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