ODE avatar setup

hello! do you know some trick for setup an avatar (controlled by player) in ODE? I had been looking at ODE mailing list but I had not seen a clear way to do it… the goal is to configure a elipsoid wich always keep it vertical orientation, but can interact with the environment…

I don’t know ODE but in my work with cloth systems, you’d general prevent physics interactions on a certain vertex or node by setting an infinite inertia. Maybe there’s something similar in ODE?

oh btw…

This can now be done in my PhysicsSystem.

Simply create a Static Physics Object and move it around. Then just call that physicsObject updateFromJme() and everything should be grroooovy!

DP :slight_smile:

"DarkProphet" wrote:
Then just call that physicsObject updateFromJme()
It's really named syncToGraphical tho :P