Ode Binding to Jme

Hello all, i have partaily bounded the latest version of odejava to jme, if any body is interested in the code then please state that and i will send him an email, the code still needs working but, simple, trimesh, and car examples are working :o.

That sounds really cool. Hook me up :slight_smile: cep221_AT_gmail_DOT_com

Wow !

I’ve just started to make an Ode binding and you post this topic ! Great :wink:

I really would like to take a look at your code…

thomas DOT hourdel AT libertysurf DOT fr



Ok guys, did you recieve my emails, if yes what happed. any comments :), i would realy love to have feedback.

Ok I’ve received your mail :slight_smile:

But I can’t figure how to compile the thing… It requiere some strange packages, like jme.ode.test or boobish.main…

Do I miss something ?

edit: I use the last CVS version of Jme and OdeJava…

Sorry my fault, i have not noticied that because of the new feature of eclipse (hiding the code ), ( Just remove them, nothing depends on them).

I’m unable to run the samples… I get some compilations errors about two methods in com.jme.scene.model.ase.ASEModel (convertToTriMesh() is private and getASEObject() is inexistant) and some errors from the cvs version (so It’s not your fault ;)).

What version of Jme are you using ?

Ok, its been two weeks since i have grabbed the Jme from cvs, ( but for the CarTerrainExample, i have made a little chage to the ASE model to access triMesh data :// forget to mention that (any way its the only example that needs tweeking) But others must work perfectly if you get ode java 0.3 ( I’m using the zip build file 0.3 for odejava.), i will try to supply a more robust code in the next days.

Outrunner, I’d be very interested in seeing your demo. If I like it, I’d also like to host the demo at some point, if you are comfortable with that. Let me know where I can get a copy or just email it to me, e-mail link is in my profile.