ODE library for PowerPC Macs


    I have noticed that the jnilib/dylib in jME core classes are universal libraries, while the jME-Physics ones are only for x86 arch. Is it possible to change this? If you want, I could build them for PPC and post the library (libodejava.jnilib I think) so someone might create the universal library with it and the included library.

    I can also volunteer to do that if some one would point me to some directions to do it 

jME Physics 2 libraries should contain both architectures (universal) - at least 'file' states that and the build instruction (used by perick) were for universal binaries. Which version do you refer to?

That is very weird…

    I have just checked-out jME-Physics in my Mac (PPC), and the library claims to be a x86 only…

libodejava.jnilib: Mach-O dynamically linked shared library i386

  However, in an old checkout in my Linux computer it claims to be universal:

libodejava.jnilib: Mach-O fat file with 2 architectures

I will checkout on Linux again in a second and reply with further info.

Edit: Did I mention that the version downloaded was ~1MB and the old one was ~2MB?  :? That is puzzling (not the change in size, since one is universal and the other isn't...)

Well, this might seem weird, but I have checked the jmephysics CVS:


And it clearly is a i386 only library… The other one I had is version 0.3.0, and currently, jmephysics requires 0.3.1 to work. Might I be overlooking something?  :?

You can run the script referenced in this thread to build them for your platform… and probably find out why that script does not build universal binaries…

I just ran the script here in my Intel mac to generate the libraries for Irrisor. I also noticed that the file was only ~1Mb. If there's an update to the build script I can run it locally here as well.

I am failing to run it… I get an error on the autogen.sh step:

automake: ode/src/Makefile.am: C source seen but `CC' not defined in `configure.in'

thus, it does not create the configure file required to build the jni library...

I tried setting up the environment variable CC to gcc or g++ (both of which exist) to no avail.

What's your Mac OSX version?

Mac OS X 10.4, Darwin Kernel Version 8.10.0

Most probably autotools are too old (just a guess) - make sure you have automake 1.8.2 or later

I installed mine using fink. The version I have is automake-1.9.

Well, I don't have access to my Mac now… I will check when I go home… Anyway, why would PErick not be able to build the universal library?

duenez said:

Anyway, why would PErick not be able to build the universal library?

Just read an answer for that on the ODE mailing list: CXXFLAGS and CFLAGS are cleared in configure.in now :-o
The script would need to strip that from the file, but I'll wait for the end of the discussion about that on the mailing list.

I fixed the CXX_FLAGS problem with the ode.patch in odejava-jni. Building universal binaries should be possible again.