Official way to make object/material outline glow

Hi, I found following topic which seems solve my question exactly. Before I use it, I’m wondering if there’s any official API in JME support outline glow?

(I tried Bloom/Glow effect in JME tutorial, it makes the entire object glow but I’d like to have outline glow only)

There’s a very good example in ThreeJS which seems an improved effect that outlines behind other objects are more fading (it may be just a mixture of outline color and object color in shading).



There are a few hundred different ways to do a glowing outline. Each will have their own tradeoffs depending on the effect desired, the model, the scene, the shaders used, etc…

As such, JME does not pick one of the many hundreds of ways to be an “official version” as it would only serve a narrow percentage of “all users”.

…and it’s not particularly hard to implement most of the ways.

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It makes sense since each way has their own pros and cons. Just wondering if there’s a beginner-friendly way with some options can be optimized for certain situations.

Anyway, thanks for the clearification there’s no ‘official version’.

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Hi @azuresu , on my YT channel you can find a video where I show you a beginner-friendly way to get the effect you are looking for. It is based on tips I found on the forum. I hope it helps.


@capdevon Thanks for the video! Would you mind sending me the code? The network is not very good here so it’s a bit difficult to clearly read the code in the video…