Ogre 3D .mesh and skeleton VS .blend VS .gltf/glb

Hi i am new to JME3 and i want to know which 3d file format that jmonkeyengine 3 support it better for now ?

  1. Animation
    3)Blender modifiers
    4)3D details as mesh handling

is Ogre 3d xml is better than .blend and gltf/glb or .blend
Please inform me with detailed answer waiting for your reply thanks in advance.

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.gltf seems to be best and for sure its “future standard of export type”.

here you have Wiki page(recently updated):

Please note SDK spenegraph-animation controls will not work properly with 3.3 engine version(if you use it) Because engine was recently updated with new animation system. (3.3 is like alpha version)

It export Animation, Materials, Shapekeys(since 3.3 version). Blender Modifiers exporter have param “export modifiers” but it was not working some time ago, maybe fixed now. About point 4) i dont know what you mean.

this character was exported with .gltf on Beta 2.8

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Nice but i am using JME 3.2.4 is it support gltf ?

i remember that yes, but just no shape keys and it use different Animation controls (old ones - without some features)

sooner or later 3.3 will be stable, then you would need change this controls and their usage anyway.

where i can find 3.3 jme 3.3 ?

is 3.3 is better any fps performance increase ?

There are 3.3 builds on bintray (along with the older engine builds). You just need to bump the version number in your build scripts as long as they’re pulling from bintray already.

As far as FPS goes, I’d expect no difference between 3.2 & 3.3. FPS is (for the most part) influenced more by the hardware available, the rendering API used, and the content of the final game than the engine (assuming it’s reasonably well designed & written and doesn’t contain any FPS sinks itself). JME holds its own performance wise, and I’d not expect to see any significant FPS differences from one release to the next unless/until we have an implementation targeting a next-gen API like Vulkan (which would require an enormous engine redesign). Focus on designing your game well, and performance will be just fine.


as always your reply was great. thanks again.

do you have some knowledge about 3D model formats like .obj , .mesh, .dae or .gltf.
I want to know is ogre xml is good enough for games because i dont want to use JME 3.3 due to its unstable and i am going to my final year project in JME 3.2.4 sdk1. I want to know if use Ogre .mesh for my game will be good?

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I haven’t personally used Ogre myself, but my recollection from reading the forums is that quite a few people have had some issues with it, especially with animated models. That said, prior to the Blender importer it was the de-facto format for importing animated models. The format was made for the Ogre engine, so unlike GLTF jME is making the best it can with a non-standardized engine-specific format. If you’re using static models you should be just fine (in which case you can also use pretty much any other format - .obj is primitive but fine for non-animated models).

When you say 3.3 is unstable, are you referring to specific issues you’ve had, or just to the fact that it’s currently in an alpha release state? I use the 3.3 alphas in my development and I have yet to hit any issues with the engine. It’s been my experience that jME’s devs are quite skilled at moving things forward without making breaking changes.

just to the fact that it’s currently in an alpha release state.
ok i am trying to move my self for 3.3 but i dont have much skills now to build anything by myself fro source code.

any release date for 3.3 ?

If you’re using any build tool that pulls from a Maven repository, there are binary alpha releases already available.

So far as I know, no. I doubt any of the core devs have a release date in mind either - jME development usually moves along at a pace of “what do we need next” and then a release comes when the devs decide it’s all come far enough along to be worth another release.

Using jME 3.2 vs 3.3 is really a matter of your project’s needs - if you think (or find out) that 3.3 has something useful to your project, give it a go. My guess is you’ll find that the “stability” is just fine, and it’s easy to roll back to 3.2 if you must.

You can find 3.3 alpha-1 and alpha-2 builds in
org.jmonkeyengine - Maven - Bintray

and add them to your Gradle or Maven build.

can’t find 3.3 all are jme 3.2.4 stable

2.2.4 stable no 3.3 alpha

Probably you needed to look beyond the latest stable release…

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oh thanks