Ogre Animations One Animation to Many

Hi there,

I’m currently attempting to use an animated model exported with ogre.

The issue is that the animations only record one track.

I can put all the animations on one long track and extract sub animations but there are multiple objects
in the scene with multiple Anim Controls.

Using the scene composer’s “extract sub-animation” tool is a lengthy process, especially when attempting to
update the model.

Is there an easy way I just write a simple method to extract all the sub animations at once?

Or perhaps export multiple animations using ogre?

Yes, it is possible. You have to add all your animations to ONE NLA-Track. There is a wiki entry I guess, have a look for further information.

It should export multiple animation tracks if you put your animations in multiple NLATrack in blender

You need to construct your animations in blender like this

1-in dope sheet menu
2- set proper name for animations
3-for each animation click on push down (Note : this is important when exporting to ogre)
4-in NLA Editor
5-You should see all animation tracks with same name.(do not rename them here)

Okay I’ve been able to put them into the NLA editor and when I export to Ogre and import to jme there are two animation tracks.

Unfortunately both are the “walk” animation key frames but the “idle” animation is just the walk speed plus a few seconds of doing nothing.

The walk animation plays properly for the proper amount of keyframes, the other track plays the walk animation for the idle’s amount of keyframes.

Both animations play properly using the Action Editor.

Any ideas on what is the problem?

As I said, you should use only one NLA-Track. As far as I can see, you use NlaTrack and NlaTrack.001. When it Comes to export only one (the favourite) is going to be exported. You easily can move your walk Animation track to NlaTrack per Drag n Drop. After that you can delete the unused NLA Track (NlaTrack.001).

That was it.

Just had to drag and drop the action bar into one track.


No problem :slight_smile: