OgreXML : position of the mesh?


I’m using 3DSMax with OgreMax to export the mesh.

I’ve bought a simple 3D model for my sketch.

And I try to export it into a OgreXML mesh so that I can use it in my program.

After many attempt, I can successfully export it in OgreXML format ( with correct textures, bone animation etc… )

But there is something I still don’t understand :

Why the mesh is not centered in the middle of the screen when displayed in JMonkeyPlatform ?

Inside 3DSMax :

Inside JMonkeyPlatform : ( When I watch it with OgremaxWinViewer, the mesh is correctly displayed in the center )

Result : ( The model should be inside the green cylinder )

I am not a graphist and I learned how to manage 3D model by myself, so there may be some things that would appear obvious to you that I didn’t think about

I can add the mesh XML file if necessary :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Hm, strange :confused: It should be like you expect it to be… In blender, when it looks like your screen the model gets exported with the middle at the waist… However… I see a little dot between the feet of the model and it seems like the 3ds exporter uses that as the center… Whatever that dot is, move it up ^^

Hmmm, I tried to move it, but it seems that this point is linked to the skeleton of my object.

I can’t get it to move. :frowning:

Make sure to apply transforms on the model (in 3dsmax)

That may be what I missed ! Since I don’t understand what you mean by ‘Apply Transform’.

Is that a command in one of the OgreMax / 3DSMax menu ?

For now, when I export my 3D Model, I just make sur the textures are in the correct format ( OgreMax material ) and that the skeleton is correctly linked to my model.

I just verified that the problem doesn’t come from the j3o conversion :

Here is what I have in the Ogre viewer in 3DSMax :

But I really don’t understand why :’(

I am sorry but I don’t really have 3DSMax, it is too expensive for me. Try looking in the manual for that option, might also be something like “apply transform to mesh”

No worries.

Now that I know that the problems does come from the conversion in .j3o in will try to go to OgreMax forums.