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"May 01, 2006

jME (jMonkey Engine) is a high performance scene graph based game engine using Java and the OpenGL AP. The new v0.10 of the library adds enhanced heightmap generation , z-pass shadow volumes, multi-pass rendering for advanced effects including: Bloom and Sketch with the OpenGL Shading Language and Outline using the fixed pipeline, a revamped input aystem, improved lighting and materials and JMEDesktop, a Swing-based UI system allowing you to leverage the existing Swing Library within a jME 3D scene. "

Good way to start off the first day of the month.  Keep it going strong. also mentioned the new version on there home page. There was a time when mojo could not get them to metion it. We are growing.

the title is linked to some other page:

why?  :x

Yeah, that is bizarre!

i'd rather say annoying. that page gets all those visitors and not jme. some may even think that jme ist the content of that page.  :x

did you check out his demo of skeletal animation

its really good

no matter how good or bad the demo is, that link belongs to jme.