OpenGL version ? Problem?

Hello !

I’m developing on a fairly old pc and I would like to know if JMonkeyEngine supports version 3.1 of opengl?

My chipset does not support version higher than 3.1 and I would like to know if I could encounter problems because of that?

Thanks !


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It supports it totally, in all it’s methods?

I would like to know if I will not have any lack of performance, an engine abadon in the future or some functional problems?

JME supports ALL of OpenGL 2. 2 is less than 3… so yes, it will support all of 3 also.

It takes less time than this thread just to try it, though.


We’ve only “abandoned” OpenGL 1 like a year ago, with the move to 3.1 (IIRC).
So yeah, OpenGL 3.1 is totally supported.

Do you think about abandoning OpenGl 3.1 / 2 in the future?