OpenGL1 fog effect not supported by jME

As you know, I’m making a Minecraft clone. I was researching how to make a fog in jME. When I was testing the code I was surprised when I saw that jME SIMPLY NOT WORK FOG IN MY PC, and as always gave an error saying “No default Technique “Fade” … Not supported for hardware … Caps GL100” this is an insult. I’ve played Minecraft numerous times on my PC and it supports fog VERY FINE. It’s really a total disregard to jME if not really have any way to do it.

Wasn’t this covered in-depth in your topic: Remove OpenGL 1 in jME 3.1? Noooooo!

The one with 99 replies?

I didn’t read much of it but from what I did the solution was: Use JME 3.0. I also know very little about this topic of versions so correct me if I am barking up the wrong tree.

this is an insult


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I’m using latest version of jME 3.0 stable.

You don’t have OpenGL 2… so you won’t be able to do anything that requires shaders.

If you want fog you will have to hack in OpenGL 1 style fog into the engine because JME is a shader-based engine.

Quote topic: “jMonkeyEngine really have SERIOUS PROBLEMS of compatibility”

Are you sure?! I don’t think the engine has a problem, I think the problem is in front of your monitor! Don’t blame this engine for not having the needed hardware! Go out and buy a calculator or something which supports more than Open GL 1…

…what sort of compatibility issues we talking about here?? I have no problem to compile/run my game on 10+years old hardware…what else one would desire to have as development platform??

this is an insult

…its frrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee … :slight_smile: say thanks maannn

You really don’t have clue about what you’re doing, do you?
The insult, is that you’re acting like spoiled brat, complaining about something he got for free…

Story so far, folks, as we seem to be rehashing:
OP: Original thread: “Why are you removing OpenGL 1 compatibility in 3.1?!?!”
Us: “Because it’s always been a broken and limited subset because JME is a shader-based engine.”
OP: This thread: “Why doesn’t this feature work?!?”
Us: “See above.”

JME’s OpenGL 1 compatibility wasn’t just a small subset of what JME can do… it’s also kind of a small subset of what OpenGL 1 can do. This is another reason we dropped support for OpenGL 1: if you want to make an OpenGL 1 game then you should use a different engine because there will be bunches of things you want to do that JME never mapped to OpenGL 1 functionality. It’s OpenGL 1 support was always very limited… and now non-existent.

Or drop $20 for a better graphics card or make mobile games since even cheap phones have better graphics than your computer. :confused:

I can’t understand how someone could have such a huge sense of entitlement!

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You’re wrong in everything except for the title of the post:

“JME has serious problems of compatibility”

Well yes it does, but that’s also because of hardware and OS vendors.
JME has taken a quite heavy challenge and there are too few people that actually helps… (and you’re not yet one of them)

Oh, when I said “this is insult” I meant the poor OpenGL support one part of JME. Returning to the subject, I will study other engines games that support best old graphics drivers, not that I will drop jME, but jME is getting very “or have a good PC or not play” so I think a good opportunity for me to study other engines such as Ardor3D and LibGDX.

Sure you have read Pauls post? I think 20 bucks should be possible to invest. If this is too much, I have another idea for you: Overall it sounds like you are the future specialist of game-design/game-developing, so it couldn’t be that hard to come out with a little game to sell for a few bucks, just to gain the amount you need for a graphics-card.

If you are motivated and willing to work hard on your game, I find it a shame to not go OpenGL 2+, because you are young, and should be learning stuff that will be useful in the long term. OpenGL 1 is completely obsolete.
While I understand not everybody is born with a golden spoon, you seem bright enough you will find a way to earn 20 bucks to buy an OpenGL 2 card.

Do you really want to wake up one year from now with lots of knowledge about a technology nobody else uses and might not even be supported by future cards?

Oh, I thought it was much more expensive as 200 bucks, but think about it: If not I who am the developer knew this, imagine the players, and even if they knew, the majority would simply give up the game and be disappointed.

Lets clarify something here, first, its not JME that has compatibility issues with opengl 1…
Its the “fog effect” that you are trying to use that dont work with opengl 1 on jme, its very diferent …
Cant you just build an custom filter for this to your case ?

Filter are shader based… not supported with ogl 1

Well, he said he is able to run fog on other games / engines so its possible somehow … Maybe simulating an filter with an quad ?

don’t know, he said he can play minecraft, but minecraft requires OpenGL v2.0 or greater LOL



Like. Not at all the same.

JME only taps a small subset of what OpenGL 1 can do just for minimal compatibility with its built in shaders. This does not include the OpenGL 1 style fog.

Maybe he’s also running an old version of Minecraft. :slight_smile:

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