Oracle sucks

Somehow I felt that losing the positively mad Sun company as the providers of Java was a bad thing. Now the ugly head of modern marketing practices really raises:

Why oh why cant they just do like they pretend to? I guess in some years we can simply call their statements about the future of Java and their Open Source technologies big fat lies… While companies sue each other about who has the rights to "brain farts"  :expressionless:

Lol, I have to agree… Just look at the complete mess they've made of the Java website compared to how it was (which wasn't brilliant in the first place)… It seems there's no such thing as a non-evil corporation :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

Another vestige of 1990's business practice.  Unfortunately, it does look like Google may have to own up to this one as that GPL loophole spoken of doesn't sound promising :frowning:

Oracle an evil company?

No new news, really.

could this in any way effect JME or any of its games?

No more than the rest of the Java community…

With the amount of technology related litigation happening at the United States at any given time, this is just another part of that landscape.  The one benefit is that nearly all action (if anything ever does happen) is taken at the relatively high corporate level.  Its bad PR to go after the 'little guys', especially when the little guys don't have much money to settle with…

That all said, I can't even think of a technicality under which this could apply to jME.  When Microsoft got nailed for their out of spec. VM, they stopped work on it and that was the end of it.  The only repercussions to users of the MS JVM is that they were left sitting with code written against a bad implementation :wink:

More conspiracy theories coming: Are Norwegian JUGs (JavaBin) simply so rich they can hire a model and shoot a Java music video? And a fake Java 4-Ever movie trailer? … OR… is Oracle secretly paying for this advertisements?  :-o :wink:

And what about the previous one?

zathras said:

More conspiracy theories coming: Are Norwegian JUGs (JavaBin) simply so rich they can hire a model and shoot a Java music video?
It could have something to do with the fact that it costs $1000 to just attend the damn thing... That's Norway in a nutshell for ya. We'd rather just be rich for as long as possible, even if severe lack of networking and innovation spells doom further down the road. We live in the now, so long as there's money (read: oil).

Didn't see that rant coming...

The last video was better, because Norwegian acting is a thing of its own, and in that video it really works. I reckon they could have saved themselves a lot of money this time around by hiring some random looker instead of a "celebrity" (she is, you just never heard about her is all).