Other editors

If people are using other IDE than SDK then how do you integrate all of the possible file extensions into it?

I know how the SDK does it. Wondering how you do it for other IDE.

Sorry, I’m not 100% sure what the question is, but my work flow is done in Netbeans 10 & 11 right now. I do not have any jme3 plugins installed in it, I edit the jme3 material files by hand, and use a little utility I wrote for converting my glTF files to jme3 object files, this is done using JME3’s asset manager though.

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The SDK/Netbeans has a convoluted means of adding file types that can be displayed and edited.

Just curious how others handled all the file associations that jme has.

Oh, I understand, sorry. I only work in Netbeans, perhaps someone else has experience writing plugins for eclipse or idea?

Well for netbeans, how do you display files like .material, mesh.xml, skeleton.xml etc in the projects window?

I found a plugin for reading readme files, which in and of itself seems like a very stupid thing to have to have a plugin for, but thats the way netbeans is i guess.

I just use intellij idea community edition. Never had an issue reading common filetypes (json, xml, j3md, j3m, vert, frag, fxml, etc…). It either has (and suggests I install) a plugin for it, or just straight up displays it raw (in the case of j3md/j3m/etc).

The only reason I use the SDK is to import GLTF to j3o - and that’s only because I can’t be bothered to write a plugin for intellij. I’m not hating on the SDK, it’s just how I prefer to work.

Then again, I work solely with gradle. I have never used it with any other build tool.

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Yeah, thats what I am trying to do.

I am trying to get things to work like the SDK but without the SDK and its an eye opener.