Outdated wiki on builing the SDK


This one is highly outdated. Seems you do not use ant anymore and Netbeans is required to build the SDK. For other just it seems you just need to run the gradle thing?

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That is true, the documentation is a bit outdated.
It is actually “replaced” by the information on github, but since you need github anyway to access the code, one should stumble over that.

For the Engine ./gradlew assemble or gradlew.bat assemble and for the SDK, well currently its a bit complicated, so I don’t know If we would fix it first but you need ./build_engine.sh and then ./gradlew buildSdk

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Documentation is out-dated and a bit scattered, and everybody is also busy - mostly working on the engine itself (and life!). But to quote @nehon - we’d rather have engine progression than documentation if those are the only choices we have. It would be extremely helpful if someone were to pick up the slack… Still. Time marches on and the engine is progressing really well - so for that I’m sure I speak for everybody when I say we are very grateful.


As long as the official stable version is JME sdk 3.0.10 as linked to on jmonkey homepage I don’t see how the wiki can be updated to much past formatting and fixing broken links because there is no second wiki that parallels current development. Changing the official wiki to reflect the current development is not appropriate since versions wont match IMO.

I and have been going through the wiki from start to finish fixing links and formatting as much as can be done and have completed almost everything up to intermediate. There are some pages like this one that can be updated and will be eventually but this is under advanced, just aint got there yet.

Once the official wiki is cleaned up it could be duplicated and the new things could start to be added so the official wiki can stay tied to the current linked to stable version. It will get done eventually, just takes time.