Page not Found Custom Rendering "Forward Rendering process"


The link below would give “Page not Found”, currently.

Please help. Thank you.

Cant find it anywhere so Ill look into it.

It looks like whoever added that link either intended to write about it or did and deleted the content.

However there is this forum post by @nehon explains some things.

and this
and this from one of jmonkeys developers,

The last link might of been what was intended for that page but I’m guessing here.

and lastly, someone from the core team would have to update what’s going on now with forward rendering and jme because this page was from 2012 or so.

An eternity in graphics advancement.

Erf…maybe I’m the one who did this…
Like I intended to write the doc… you know… and forgot.

Thank you so much.

Did Brent Owen/ splorg ever say goodbye privately to anyone?