Panel transparency over SimpleApplication

Hi all

I have a SimpleApplication on a swing JPanel on a user interface and it work fine but i must to put few labels, an icon and JComponant using PaintComponant over the Jpanel who is mySimpleApplication.

When I do that i make myComponent.setOpaque(false); but it show the background of the SimpleApplication not the background of panel or labels… its like the pransparency method pass through the SimpleApplication.

is this normal behaviours ?
is there a method to aparaire SimpleApplication the transparency of a JLabel by exemble?

I can show code but i must to do a part of UI because can’t to show you a part of code.

I can make a GUI but components are already done… if it’s i don’t want to do it again in GUI in JME.

thank for your help.

You may want to take a look at
Javafx is new swing, so it might make sense to switch anyway :wink:

It is exactly what I want to do… but my software must use JDK 6…
and in this topic it is noticed that java FX work on JDK 8.

thank you abies, i must to find an other way.

Do the simple copy based approach, copy the framebuffer to a awt image (see screenshot appstate)
Then everythingw ill work prefectl yfine win swing, as its decoupled (of course you loose performance)