Parallax corrected cubemaps

New here and was wondering if there was support for parallax corrected cubemaps? I found the following thread from 2012 where the topic was mentioned but haven’t found additional information as of yet.

From what I gather, jmonkeyengine has light probe functionality where a user can define an area for a local cubemap (cubemap to be used for IBL containing a transform (not infinite cubemap)), however If you have multiple of these LightProbe objects, will the light data be interpolated between them all?

Actually, hold on…maybe what I’m asking is two separate questions:

  1. Are LightProbe objects what one uses for parallax corrected image based lighting in jmonkeyengine (i believe the answer to this to be yes, unless I’m just way off)
  2. If a scene has multiple light probes, will the lighting be interpolated between them?

Yes a single PBR material can support blending between up to 3 light probes

I’m not sure about your other question though, hopefully someone else can answer that.


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