Parallel vs Sequential ThreadingType

Parallel vs Sequential ThreadingType

Default bullet app state is sequential.

Are there any thing that we should be aware on enabling Parallel? will it require a specific kind of coding to cope with it? or it is just a matter of performance, or we may have glitches, I dont even know what to guess :slight_smile:

basically, should I enable parallel from the beginning or changing to it later will not require any different kind of coding? I mean, if it is more difficult, better learn now than change a lot of things later to have more quality/performance/somethinggood.

Whats happening in parallel mode is that the physics tick will be computed during the render process, in a separate thread. It will still NOT be run during the update() call of the application, so in those terms everything works as normal, you can still do as all the physics controls do and read/write physics info in the update() calls of your app, controls etc. .

So yeah, the main thing to be aware of is that when you use the physics tick callback you’ll be on a completely separate thread while the main thread rendering.

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I found this old post.
I still need to only apply impulses at prePhysicsTick() right? (and only do that there)
I guess I would just store an impulse request on the object to be processed there (and then set the request to null).
I need more time to prepare some tests, thx!