Participation in development

I have a desire to help in the development.
Is it possible?
I have some experience in development of server side on Java.


We would love help, if you go to our GitHub page, you will find issues that are tagged for easy contributions. These are left for people to get an introduction to the engine. We also have a thread here on the forums for things people can help with: The Contribution Mega-Thread - #22 by Darkchaos

We are also starting our vulkan transition and would love some help: JME3 Vulkan - #46 by tlf30

Last, but perhaps most important we are always looking for people to write articles on the wiki, this is a huge help to everyone.

Again, welcome to the community!
Thank you,
Trevor Flynn

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Could help solve some issues in SpiderMonkey that @pspeed know.

Would take me about 10x longer to explain what needs to be done than to just fix it. So I’ll just do it.



Welcome! My suggestion is to start with the tutorial so that you get used to the engine. Then have a look at the jmonkeystore (no, we don’t want you to buy anything - for now):slight_smile:

Now I read books that connected with JME.
Successfully finished chapter with creating collision.