Particle System Versions

Renanse recently redid the particle system increasing the speed. All functionality with respect to the old particle system is there, but it maintains the particles as a single trimesh. This will make it harder for some of the possible collision features in the future. The speed increase is significant as well as emission angle.

The question is, should the new one officially replace the old?

I think collision in the new system could be done instead with specific particle collection surfaces that could be attached to existing geometry. That might make detecting such things quicker, actually, since we would only worry about collision with those surfaces. Also, those special surfaces could be setup to do actions based on collision, like accumulation, etc.

i say yes, because the old one is basically…umm…old! and slower, it uses crutches to walk! the new one has a ferrari!

However, I like the old one because of the collision stuff. Is there a way to add that to the new?

Ok, but what if we wanted to do something with a moving particle system, that moves about a level. So we want the particle bouncing off the walls of the room it’s in. Do we have to load and unload the surfaces as we enter a new area?

Well, collision should still work fine on the macro level. So detecting if a fireball hits a spaceship will still work fine, for example. :slight_smile:

The difference is in doing individual collision tests for each particle. imho, if we just did that using our existing model, we may bring our games to their knees.

A rather one-sided poll, yes? :slight_smile:

I believe that individual particle collisions, in addition to being computationally infeasable, are useful only in a limited series of cases. That the system as a whole can be checked for intersection is good enough for me. Particles, while being cool, are still just transitory effects and not worth too much CPU time.

yup, i totally agree. So its the new particle system then? or are we waiting for more votes?

Ok, poll is over. 8-0 Renase feel free to remove the old particle engine and replace with yours.

Ok, this is done.

Renamed RenParticle to Particle, RenParticleManager to ParticleManager…

TestRenParticleSystem is now TestParticleSystem.

ParticleController and ParticleSystem are no more…

TestParticleSystem2 is removed.

Finally, TestRenParticleGUI is now RenParticleEditor (in the thought that we may move this out somewhere…) It’s the only thing still bearing “Ren” in the name. :slight_smile:

the new generation has replaced the old one!

All thats left to do is do the same for maths! :stuck_out_tongue: