Performance with TerrainBlock

Hello everybody…

I'm creating a game wich have some 3ds models, and to do the terrain, a TerrainBlock…

To create the TerrainBlock I used an mageBasedHeigthMap… But when I create this TerrainBlock, my game fps goes down to 97fps (my pc is a Atlhon XP 64 3.0, 512 RAM, but I need that this game runs in a pc much much slower than my pc), and when I dettach the TerrainBlock Node, thes fps goes up to 410 fps…

Is there anyone that my TerrainBlock reduces vertices number?

here is the code (a class that is responsible for creating my TerrainBlock):

public class criaTerreno {
    public static TerrainBlock carregaTerreno(DisplaySystem display)
        TerrainBlock tb;
        //Variavel de translada

not expert help but ProceduralSplat doesn't seem to be much of a "race horse" compare terrain tests and see for yourself and what size image are you using for the terrain 512px maps drop fps considerably in my experience, a couple years ago I could barely load 128*128 image on my old Athlon 1.1/Ge force 2/512mb ram

some questions:

-how big is your terrain?

-if your terrain is big, did you try terrain page?

-do you set a cull state on the terrain or one of its parents?

try the lock…() -methods on your terrainblock.

lockMeshes(), lockBounds(), etc.

Display lists and VBO together has been known to cause issues.  I'm not even sure it's valid opengl?  anyone know?

Using lockMeshes in conjunction with VBOInfo(true) - which terrain enables by default - is not recommended.

means lockmeshes slow down the performance?

From the ARB spec on VBO:

Which commands are compiled into display lists?