Photo-realistic head model for real-time animation

Before you get more excited I should say that you won’t unfortunately find single line of usable code here.

Sorry for that, I am not a person that could code something cool yet (and I may never be one) as I hardly started to look into the jME.

It’s just … today I had a talk with one of my schoolmates from my uni and he told me about this Phd thesis of one guy that looks like something for use in games.

Just for you skilled to check out. Someone may find it interesting.

AFAIK it is implemented as a shader and is about to be open-sourced.

So that would be only contribution, a link. Feel free to move the topic elsewhere if inappropriate.

Thanks. It is very interesting. But I think it can be done easily by using a 3d modeling software(like blender) with animation constraits. It looks @Kaelthas plans implementing animation contraints in BlenderSupport plugin.