Physics anim NOOB question

Hi guys ,im perfectioning my game ,(made totally without physics to avoid spend cpu or ram)
and came to a problem ,lets say i make a rope, a long long cilinder in blender .
and i want to put one side ,in a hand (have a bone ) and other an other hand of an other character.
Soo i would it to act like an actual rope, and be tied to 2 different bones . What can i do for that ?

Would a chain Mesh be a better thing ? lets say i might need to tie a horse or a men …
soo any of this will do the same

Your best bet is to use Bullet physics for something like that. Rope dynamics are hard to do without a proper physics library.

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so you want half-ragdoll behaviour.

@sgold Minie project allow this.

Yeah this is one of the more complicated and CPU intensive things you can attempt to get working in Bullet since you need to basically make a line of separate small elongated colliders and put ball joints between them. The more you put, the more ropey it gets, but also more intensive to run.

I’ve never needed it myself but I’ve seen it done here and there.

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To simulate a rope, the natural solution would be soft-body physics, which exists in Bullet but not in standard jMonkeyEngine. @Dokthar did some work in this area

and it’s on my to-do list for Minie.

For now, breaking the rope into small rigid-body segments (like a chain) is probably your best option.

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Thanks every one for answers i will try to try :smiley:
,if any one has any more suggestions , im happy to listen :slight_smile:

I’m working right now on an open-source rope demo that’s based on DynamicAnimControl. Fun!

The demo should provide you with a good starting point for your own rope projects.


Here’s the post with the demo, in case you missed it:
Introducing DynamicAnimControl - #17 by sgold

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Looks pretty good :+1:

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