Physics questions

in ode i can apply a Joint to a rotated physicnode, but when i try in jbullet the node go back to default rotation. why? or is normal

When i import a binary exported scene with joints (and axis ) if i use ode when load the joints don't work correctly and moves my physics nodes, and i don't know why. For this  i'm switching from ode to jbullet.

What is the diference with jbullet and jbullet-jme ? because the content of jars are different.

I try to use (jbullet-jme) in JmePhysics but  throw me a ClassNotFoundException

Velocity and Acceleration of JointAxis work in jbullet? because i tried and dont work for me…

Thanks for your time!

jbullet is a java port of the bullet physics library and has nothing to do with jme per se.

jmephysics2 allows using jbullet as the physics implementation since its a wrapper for multiple physics libraries, from my own experience however that does not work properly.

jbullet-jme is a completely different thing than jmephysics2 but its for the same purpose: having physics in jme2. jbullet-jme directly adapts jbullet to jme so usage is quite different than jmephysics2.

Thanks normen!! I'm testing jme-jbullet and looks good thanks for the library!